One Kidney Club

You donated a kidney, now are you ready to make a bunch of awesome new friends??

Find a Club Near You

One Kidney Clubs were started as a way to bring donors together and build the living donor community.  It’s a way to connect to people that you have something very unique in common with. The community can be built in person and virtually and we encourage our groups to stay connected both ways when possible.  Many of our clubs participate in a range of events from 5ks to raise awareness to get togethers for happy hour! 

Start Your Own One Kidney Club

Don’t see a club in your area and are interested in starting one? The main thing we look for in someone starting a One Kidney Club is a very positive attitude and someone that likes meeting new people. Here’s the list of qualities: good positive vibes, patience to grow a group, understanding how to grow a group, good communication to keep things simple and welcoming, and general awesomeness! If this sounds like you, reach out to Patty Graham at p.graham@nkdo.org or Elaine Perlman at elaine@waitlistzero.org .

Make Friends and Memories

The connection you can build with fellow donors is profound.

What People Say

When I donated my kidney I never for one second thought about a kidney community. Now most of my closest friends are kidney donors – saving a life ended up introducing me to some of the most wonderful people I have ever met!

Tracey Hulick

Where it all started

In the summer of 2018 Jose Amezola, Patty Graham and Tracey Hulick met up for margaritas at The Rio in downtown Denver. They each only had one kidney so it seemed like a great reason to meet up! As they left one of them said ‘this was fun – we should do this again and see if we can get some more donors to come.’ The rest is history!